40 Days of profit with Ganymede’s trading bot

2 min readJul 10, 2021


It has now been 40 Days since Ganymede released its Trading bot.

The results are above expectations, and better than a thousand words here are the results of one early adopter who manage to scoop an amazing 33% profit in 40 days!

Gary was part of the beta test phase of Ganymede. He knew that the bot was doing a great job and was impatient to use the bot again. He started using the service on launch date the 1 of June on three $2000 accounts with the bot set on Long, medium risk.

After 40 days, he has shared his results on our telegram group and shows a $2000 net profit from the bots (managing a total of $6000).

Gary’s PnL monitored with CoinMarketManager.com

He is now creating a fourth account and reinvesting his profit in it.

Gary’s new account ready to print money

Let's see now see how long it will take him to make another $2000 and open a fifth account… We will keep you updated!

Gary’s strategy sounds like one you want to follow to maximize your profit over time! Thanks Gary for sharing your results and strategy with the community!

The system to access our trading bot is about to change, you can still get a lifetime license for the bot before we switch. It won't be possible afterward as the system will be accessible via subscription only. More info about this here.

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