A Decentralized Hedge Fund Introduction

7 min readMay 27, 2021


Cryptocurrencies are on the verge of a significant adoption.
We’ve witnessed a first wave in 2017, and are currently living a second wave with a lot of new investors willing to take their share of the spoils in this booming market.

Crypto assets are easier to buy and trade than they have ever been. The high volatility of this particular market makes it very attractive as one can hope for quick gains. However, with volatility comes risk. Whether you are new in cryptocurrency trading or already have experience, margin trading and
futures can be hazardous: you get liquidated in a blink!

You might not be aware, but the game is rigged for conventional traders. The ones who are making money use advanced indicators and programs to assist them in executing orders faster than you would. You bearly stand a chance against them…

With Ganymede, beat the winners at their own game.

We developed an all-in-one solution that combines algorithmic trading and tokenomics to generate profit.
No fees, no subscription, no lock-in, it’s risk-free!

Ganymede's proposition value


Ganymede can be seen as a decentralized hedge fund that combines algorithmic trading and tokenomics to generate profit for its community.

Algorithmic trading : Process for executing orders utilizing automated and pre-programmed trading instructions to account for variables such as price, timing, and volume

Tokenomics : is the study of how cryptocurrencies work within the broader ecosystem. This includes such things as token distribution as well as how they can be used to incentivize positive behavior in the network.


Over the last four years, we have developed indicators and trading bots specifically for the cryptocurrency market. We have combined all this knowledge and experience to create Jupiter, our best trading bot.
Jupiter has been tested for months and the results are outstanding! We now feel ready to push our project one step further by introducing the $GANY utility token.


Unlike any other trading bot platform, our service is free from subscription, commission, or fees. You keep 100% of the profit generated by the bot. All we ask to use our bot is to hold $GANY.
Because Jupiter is great, we expect everyone to hold and keep generating profit from our service. However, if you are not satisfied, sell your token and…
That’s it! You’ll probably make money out of that too!


To support $GANY and its holders, we put in place Callisto, Ganymede’s main trading account. This account is trading with a large quantity of funds and will turbocharge the tokenomics.
Callisto acts as a liquidity provider, thus preventing the token price from jumping or dropping too quickly.

With Callisto, our tokenomics is backed, and any user holding the coin long enough should be able to sell with profit.


Meet Jupiter, our trading bot.

It results from years of experience in the field of automated trading and price action indicator. It has been tested and improved over the last six months, helping hundreds of early adopters to generate profit, and is now ready to help thousands!

Jupiter operates on FTX, a thriving exchange that has the potential to become the next Bitmex.
To use Jupiter, you need to create an account on FTX and link it via our super easy-to-use telegram bot. Once everything is set up, your account will start generating profit.

User control Jupiter via a telegram bot. Jupiter trade on your FTX account(s).

The best part is that you can use Jupiter on more than one FTX account with a different risk level for each account depending on your tier level!
On average, Jupiter will generate around 5 to 10% profit per month on “low risk” mode (spot) to over 40% profit on a good week in high-risk mode.
We recommend having multiple FTX accounts, each setup to a different mode, and managing them to maximize profits!


$GANY is a BEP-20 Utility Token that serves multiple purposes

1. Access to Jupiter trading services

Stacking a certain quantity of $GANY allows you to use our trading algorithm on your own FTX accounts. Hold more $GANY to unlock TIER BONUS :
-Trade with more money
-Trade on multiple accounts

2. Prevent short-term speculation

$GANY is a utility token, not a moon coin! There is a 10% tax only when you sell $GANY. This tax prevents our token from being speculated on a short-term basis, $Gany only rewards its holders!
The $GANY thus collected are
-Burnt (50%)
-Given back to the community via the bonus reward program. (50%)

3. Bonus reward program

Every month, lucky holders are rewarded with $GANY tokens. This bonus comes from the Buyback & burn program. The longer you hold the higher are your chances!


Depending on your tier, you can use our bot on more than one account and manage each account with a different risk level.

The maximum $ is the sum you have on all your accounts. Above that cap, the bot will stop working. You either withdraw $ or stack more $GANY to upgrade tier.

Stack more $GANY to unlock perks for your FTX trading account


Callisto is Ganymede’s main trading account. It’s a core feature in our ecosystem! Callisto receive a fraction of Ganymede’s community FTX transaction fees, thanks to FTX external referral program generate profit out of it and give it back to the community


Every aspect of Ganymede’s tokenomics has been thought to reward our holders

Our token economy (tokenomics) works in the most virtuous way possible.


In its essence, Ganymede is designed for success.

Because Jupiter works, our community is strongly incentivized to hold $GANY to keep their bot access. On the other hand, our tokenomics is built to keep $GANY’s price on an uptrend.

Any user holding their tokens long enough will make money, either via FTX automated trading or just because they will sell their token higher than what they bought them for.

As opposed to a Ponzi scheme where the money comes from a new flow of users, here, the money comes from outside the community, beating the winners at their own game, using our bot against them!


Our Oracle is monitoring 30 trading pairs 24/7 and tells JUPITER which one to take a position on.

Your personnal Jupiter

Every user has access to his own Jupiter instance, each hosted on a Virtual Private Server (VPS). Each user instance can have up to ten sub-instances.

This allows every user to have their unique versions of Jupiter they can tweak and setup how they like. There are already some customization options for your Jupiter such as risk management. We will implement more in the future.

How to communicate with Jupiter?

As a $GANY holder, you can setup your JUPITER VPS instance via our dedicated Telegram BOT.

Jupiter is always aware of the number of tokens your wallet contains and the amount of USD on your FTX account and will trade accordingly.

Jupiter will send orders to your FTX trading account via the API key you provided. API Key only allows Jupiter to trade for you, there is no withdrawal possible.

You can access your FTX account anytime and enjoy watching your profits going up


Running around 6 months of beta tests, we collected the data over a period of around 120 days. Here are some of the results that prove how well it works!

You can find all ourrecords on the website



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We provide automated trading services on FTX. No fees, Just hold $GANY to use our service.