New Subscription system Set Date

The date is set to be on Friday 16th at 6pm UTC

Before this date, every people holding enough $GANY to allow a tier will keep this tier for a lifetime! We will do a snapshot of every address. if you hold your $GANY you will keep this tier, if you sell your $GANY after the snapshot you will lose your lifetime access and will need to subscribe if you want to access the service.

The current tier program is the following :

🔸 200G — BRONZE -trade up to $2.000 — One Account

🔸 1.000G — SILVER — Up to $10.000 — Three Accounts

🔸 2.500G — GOLD — Up to $25.000 — Five Accounts

🔸 5.000G — PLATINE — Up to $50.000 — Seven Accounts

🔸 30.000G — DIAMOND — Up to $400.000 — Ten Accounts

Once you hold your $GANY contact the bot to setup your account:

Secure your lifetime licence before the snapshot now by getting $GANY from Pancakeswap

Our contract address : 0x72b4404a20b6342ce3d8a9707316a07cbff9063d

Pancakeswap direct link :

Poocoin chart :

Our trading bot deliver amazing results, we have reports showing +33% profits in just 40 days:

If you want to know more about how the new subscription system works, read this article:

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We provide automated trading services on FTX. No fees, Just hold $GANY to use our service.